How to use KingRoot

KingRoot is a dedicated support tool for the Android operating system, developed by Chinese, allows users to root any Android device with just a simple click without using computer or other tools.

Download KingRoot 5.0.1 APK [LATEST] download for Android & PC

Download KingRoot 5.0.1 APK for Android

Download KingRoot 5.0.1 for Windows PC


Currently, KingRoot is rated as one of the fastest root applications of Android phones as well as the best application in the market. KingRoot support root for most Android devices such as HTC One X,Nokia X, HTC One V, HTC Incredible S G11, HTC Desire HD G10, HTC Desire G7, etc. With KingRoot, you can master your device easily than ever.

Why do you install KingRoot?

It is affirmed that KingRoot is one of the applications that should be available on your Android operating system phones. Why? Most mobile phones are today often default not to provide the highest administrative rights to edit intensive operating system’s files for the users. Meanwhile, there are many applications, games requiring the administrative rights to be able to install it. Therefore, you need to root your new phone to be able to use more easily.


With KingRoot, you absolutely have right to access to the system and can unlock your phone’s features, such as customizing interface or installing apps, games that only run on rooted devices. Also, KingRoot can also help users remove annoying ads when playing games or accessing any application on your phone. At the same time, KingRoot also accelerates your Android device boot process and extends battery life. Not only that, by rooting your phone using KingRoot, you can also download and install the latest operating system any time (optimized for each series) before it is officially offered. The last reason you should choose KingRoot is that it is absolutely easy to download without any fee.

How to use KingRoot

In fact, it is very simple to use KingRoot, just a few clicks. In order to root the phone using this app, first of all, you need to download and install KingRoot. This process will take place in a few minutes. After you download the application to your computer, KingRoot will automatically detect the mobile device’s Version and OS to install. Next, you click the icon KingRoot and select “Start Root” to root. The Root process is fairly quick and accurate, no error arises during processing. After complete root, just restart the device to apply changes.


KingRoot is really a very efficient and professional application software for your Android phone. Please install KingRoot so that your phone experiences more apps other than Google Play.

KingRoot is now also compatible with many models in the market like HTC, Samsung, LG, etc. Therefore, do not wait anymore, download immediately and install KingRoot in order that your phone’s features and utilities are activated.