Download Kingroot free

As one of the most popular applications produced by China and developed for Android phones, Kingroot is increasingly gaining the attention of the world community with the best utilities and features that this application offers.


Although it is released later than One Click Root – one of the applications that had been considered to be quite good in root the phone, Kingroot is not less competitive than One Click Root at all, not only that it is considered as a safe application and worth being used to root android.

In addition to giving the users administrative rights for most Android devices, helping the users install and download applications that require the administration rights, remove ads on other applications sites, etc. Kingroot is absolutely safe application in the security, data backup, etc..

Some great features of Kingroot

Support and is compatible with most devices included Android operating system, such as HTC One X, Nokia X, HTC One V, HTC Incredible S G11, HTC Desire HD G10, HTC Desire G7, Samsung I9000, Samsung Galaxy V, Sony Ericsson X10i, LG P920…

Free download

Needless to integrate type of connection on your device. You simply download the application to your computer and use it even without an Internet connection.

Automatic Root with fast speed, safety and no error.

To master the features on your device.

How to download Kingroot free on your phone

With its unique and amazing features as mentioned above, if you are using a smart phone running the Android operating system, probably you should download very useful software to experience various utilities and use your devices easier.


To download Kingroot, you can use a variety of ways. However, you should note that Kingroot now has two versions, one for the phone and one for the PC. Therefore, you need to be very careful to download the exact version for your device. After you have determined the exact version to download for your phone on the official website, you will have to download Kingroot APK file. Next, open the folder in which the file is downloaded and find APK file to install. And Kingroot application is installed successfully on your device.

Another way, which is quite simple and much faster than Kingroot download for your phone, is to access to Google Play, search Kingroot app and click “Install” to download Kingroot to your phone. After the installation process is completed automatically, you just open the app up and use.


Kingroot is a great and useful for anyone who wants to use your Android device in its entirety. This application is worthy being as the best free android root application.